Environmental problems are increasing rapidly. From sunken coastlines to smoky skies and shrinking forests, the world is witnessing the devastation of environmental negligence and the devastating effects of climate change. Disseminating knowledge about environmental protection and protection is an important area of our work. So we were thinking about the course. Environmental disputes are controversial and offer many lasting opportunities for attorneys who are willing to demonstrate leadership and sound negotiation skills. To meet the expected demand, almost all law schools are preparing to train more students as skilled advocates of natural ecosystems. Many law firms today have specialists dealing with issues related to environmental clearance. As a result, some environmental lawyers will consider environmental law a part-time job rather than a full-time job. greening-law try to convert that intention. The only way is to build that capacity. Because environmental lawyers are involved and part of the legal profession, he or she must possess the characteristic attributes of analytical. The best lawyer around you must be able to analyze facts using critical analytical methods.

Green Environmental Law